Friday, March 12, 2010

Undying Passion (My first english poem.. )

This is the place
on the busy street...
beautifully sitting there
in the midst
of the glowing lights
fully covered with glass...
shining like a star
from a little far
people never forget
to take a glimpse
when they cross by..

I see in front of me
a beautiful angel
dressed in brown...
she swept me off my feat
at the first sight.

She’s hot, soft & tender
at my first touch...
longing to bring her
close to my mouth
I hold her gently
and kissed her...
she just melts in my mouth.

I kissed her
here and there
and all over.
Beyond my control
started biting her
softly everywhere
she’s so juicy...
a moment of passion
hard to forget.

The kiss and
the taste of her
soft skin still stays on
my lips and mouth.
I feel its presence...

So precious...
the little time
I spent with her.
Memory of this little time
will stay with me forever
and I cherish
the moment of passion
we both shared.

While I depart
I promised her
that I will meet her
next Sunday
the same time.

While the kisses
I still can taste…
Its time for me
to thank her.

Thank you
‘McDonalds Chicken’
for the way you
made me feel today.

I’m loving it!


Arun Sarvan said...

Superb Ashitha... Ennakum "Mcdonald chicken" sapedanum pola eruku so oru chinna treat vacha nalla erukum...

Joe said...

she swept me off my feat -->
she swept me off my feet?

McD produces junk food! ;-)

Deepa said...

Wonderful poem... Very imaginative... I like it...