Monday, October 26, 2009


Hi Friends,
It's a very long gap after my last post. Yes, it's about an year now. ... I am again back to update this blog.  Essentially because I've been pretty busy. (No.....I was lazy). This is my first blog for this year.

I was hosting a Get Together  party/treat to my team for my birthday. We met at hotel Pandyas at Vadapalani at 1 pm finished our lunch and headed to Kamala Theatre which is right opposite to Hotel Pandyas. The movie we watched was 'Peraanmai'. Probably this Diwali's first release..not too sure.

This film directed by S P Jananathan deals with an entirely different theme and storyline but way too far from the reality (Artificial).Jayam Ravi is the forest officer. Movie opens with a launch of satellite called 'Pasumai' for the benefit of agriculture. Then comes Tiger hunting naturally our hero Ravi brings the tiger. How he defeated the tiger is unknown but he is the super hero and that’s it. Ravi is a tribal and he becomes forest officer by his hard work & dedication. Ravi performs his job well. He is trim and suits perfect for the role losing his oodles of weight.

Next comes the girls from Rosa College journeying to Velli Malai for an NCC camp, led by Sister Victoria (Urvashi).Frankly speaking her role in this movie is bland and wondering how she even opted for it. There are 5 characters (girls)Jennifer, Kalpana, Thulasi, Ajitha and Sushila. Ravi will be the trainer of these girls. In addition to training NCC cadets, in his spare time, he educates the children & adults of the forests. Director has used this as a platform to convey communist thoughts through out the film. Most of the places the dialogues were muted I guess it’s censored.

Ravi tries to train the girls; but they dislike him just becos he is from lower caste. These girls go out of their way to trap Ravi into a rape scheme, one of them walking nude around the college (not sure which college permits this behaviour from its girls). Even Ganapathi Ram, the senior officer himself, goes out of his way to insult Dhruvan whenever he gets a chance and treats him worse than an animal. Ravi expresses in very subtle way in all those scenes which is appreciable. 

During the process of training 5 NCC girl cadets in the dense jungles, Ravi’s team stumbles upon a shocking discovery which could be dangerous to the nation. How the team counters the enemy and protects the nation from foreign hands forms the rest of the story. The first half of the movie goes in a slow pace which picks up momentum in the second half after spotting foreigners in the Indian forests and the action sequences that follow.
The five girls have tried their best, running around in torn clothes and sporting injuries.This time, the audience erupts in genuine laughter. That's an emotion you get often in this style of movie which tries so hard to be serious but unfortunately has the opposite effect. (Hilarious without an intention so.. ). Jayam Ravi’s climax sequence is power packed and is praiseworthy.

The plus points of the movie are Ravi's stunts he is trim, fit, packs a mean punch and brings a sincerity to his role and the reason you an even sit in your seat and watch the movie. The second one is great locations, cinematography, sentiments.

On the flip side, though the theme is something new, this movie lacks in the department of credibility. Ordinary NCC cadets, handling sophisticated machinery is too hard to believe. It is also not explained how Ravi handles the latest missiles. The way girls handled the machines and bombs gives an artificial feeling and feels hilarious. And next are dialogues given by girls  which is nasty.
Overall my comment would be that even this movie is on a serious note but it ends up being an hilarious without an intention of it. !