Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai - Movie Review

Cast: Vishal Krishna, Tanushree Dutta, Neetu Chandra, Sarah Jane Dias,
Director: Thiru
The whole story of Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai moves around a guy Karthik who is from upper middle class. He always wanted best in his life and so with his lifepartner. He decides to love 3 girls and select one of them who is the best among them.

Karthik identifies three girls, fools them, and finally wins their hearts. Tejaswini (Neetu Chandra), a millionaire but has a bitter experience of love failure in the past. Jyothi (Tanushree Dutta), an athlete who hates guys, and Priya (Sarah Jane), Ethiraj student. The story is how these girls bring all trouble to him and karthik overcoming these problems.

Of the 3 girls , Neetu Chandra walks away with the honours. She stuns with her good looks and impresses with her good expressions and acting skills. She gave a stunning and matured performance. She rocks especially in the revenge scenes where she says "Good Luck" to Vishal. She's sexy and sizzling on the screen..
Tanushree and Sarah are a big dissapointment. Sarah at any given point she acts expressionless and there is absolutely no lipsync.

The comedy of Santhanam, Mayilsami and Sathyan provide laughter throughout and especially the first half its Santhanam and Sathyan, who take the credit for a reasonably entertaining the audiences. Good work by both of them.
Prakash Raj springs out suddenly from nowhere, introducing himself as Jyoti’s brother. Its unbelievable  that an accomplished actor like Prakash Raj would accept to take up such roles. Sneha does a cameo. 

Music by Yuvan is also bad , The background score is ok, when compared to the songs.

Overall the movie's unconvincing script and immature presentation makes it a failure. Director has chosen a storyline laced with romance, glamour and fun but has failed to present it in a convincing and interesting manner.

What works:  Neetu Chandra, Santahanam comedy.
What doesn't work: sarah Jane & Tanushree dutta acting, immature scripts.

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