Monday, January 14, 2008

50 things I would like to do before I turn 50.

Sleep under the stars.
Start a charity.
Sail a ship.
Go hiking.
Visit the Taj Mahal.
Visit Switzerland.
See the Pyramids in Egypt.
Paint a self-portrait.
Do a parachute jump.
Write a mail to people who I love to tell them why.
Write an autobiography.
Buy a homeless person some food.
To understand what true love is.
Have a photographic portrait taken.
Make an album of my family and friends.
Buy a very expensive but absolutely wonderful dress.
Own a Big Car
See the Niagara Falls.
Sew myself a dress.
Learn dancing
Host a TV show
Find an old school friend.
Knit something for my baby
Take a walk in the rain feel the raindrops on my face.
Surprise someone by giving a meaningful gift.
Save a Life.
Start a business
Carve something out of wood.
Sing in Public.
Write my own book and publish it.
Learn to play an instrument.
Adopt a female child and make her life brighter.
Get post graduation
Learn a new language fluently.
Build a tree house.
Grow varieties of plants in the home garden.
Pay my parents back for everything they have given me.
Own a house.
Make a sculpture.
Learn how to ice skate.
Try rope jumping.
Have my library room with best collection.
Donate my organs (once I’m dead).
Ride the worlds biggest roller coaster
Throw a huge party and invite all my friends.
My interview in CNN-IBN/NDTV
Have my own website
Take my mon in a flight
Drive car on my own in pondy bazaar
Complete all 50 things.


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